A Day With Abi - Voice Experience

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Member: Abī Kadabura
Member: Abī Kadabura

■A Day With V4Mirai Voice Experience Collections

Spend a day with V4Mirai and welcome them into your hearts with these introductory, intimate Voice Experience Collections “A Day With Abī” and “A Day With Serina”!

《A Day With Abī》

Abī, comically magical and magically comical, take you through a day in her life! Sniff sushi at the fish market, meet some hopefully friendly zombies, even get pro tips on surviving those sloggish workday afternoons with V4Mirai’s resident magician!

■A Day With Abī Voice Experience Collection Includes:

 ・Track 1. Meet Abī Kadabura - 4:53

 ・Track 2. Morning Highlights With Abī - 1:42

 ・Track 3. Lunchtime Comedy With Abī - 4:53

 ・Track 4. Afternoon Slump With Abī - 1:52

 ・Track 5. Bedtime With Abī - 1:35

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