A Day With Serina - Voice Experience

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Member: Serina Maiko
Member: Serina Maiko

■A Day With V4Mirai Voice Experience Collections

Spend a day with V4Mirai and welcome them into your hearts with these introductory, intimate Voice Experience Collections “A Day With Abī” and “A Day With Serina”!

《A Day With Serina》

Princess Serina Maiko shows you why she, and her seranading skills, belongs out in the world and not cooped away in a castle. She’ll still give you the royal treatment, explaining the differences between afternoon and high tea, an attempt at a homecooked meal and, yes, even a lullaby.

■A Day With Serina Voice Experience Collection Includes:

 ・Track 1. Meet Serina Maiko -  4:21

 ・Track 2. Breakfast With Serina - 4:56

 ・Track 3. Afternoon Tea With Serina - 4:46

 ・Track 4. Bedtime With Serina - 5:09

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