Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I reset my password?

    If you cannot remember your password, please follow the 
    instructions after you click on the "Forgot your password?" link 
    in the bottom of the log in page.
  • How can I change my address after making a purchase?

    First change the address on your account in the store by 
    clicking on "My account" and then under "View Addresses"
    edit your shipping address.
    If you change your address while the fulfillment status 
    of your order still reads as "Unfulfilled", there should be no issues.
    However, if that is not the case, you can send an email 
    to and share your name, your registered email 
    and your shipping address.
  • Can I change my Billing Address?

    Due to security reasons, the Billing Address cannot be changed
    once the purchase is completed.
    However, the Billing Address does not have any 
    effect on the shipping address, which can
    still be changed after purchase.
  • Can I change my email address?

    In order to change your email address, 
    you can choose a new one by clicking on "My Account"
    and then clicking on "Edit Account".


    • What will be delivered to my shipping address in case of digital products?

      Your invoice address is basically the address under which 
      your payment method is registered and your shipping address
      is only used in case of physical product purchases.
    • Can I cancel my purchase after completing a purchase?

      As stated in section 2 of our Terms of Service: 
      We reserve the right to refuse any of the Service to anyone and/or 
      limit, refuse, and/or cancel orders from anyone for any reason at 
      any time.
    • My order has not arrived yet, what do I do?

      Please go into "My Account" and select the order you're currently 
      waiting for. If the Fulfilment Status reads "Unfulfilled", 
      please wait a little longer for us to expedite your shipment. 
      If that is not the case, please contact us at  
      including your name, your registered email and your shipping address.


      • In case of digital products, where can I download them?

        You can download your digital purchases any time by logging 
        in your account and clicking on "My Account" and then 
        "Access your contents".


        • How can I change my payment method?

          By default will be offered several payment methods 
          on your first visit, however after you pick one,
          that payment method may be used as the first option.
          If you would like to pick another one, you can click on
          the "More payment options" right below the payment
          method button.

        • What do I do if I keep getting error messages when making a payment?

          For your security, all payments are carried out through third party 
          payment gateways, thus we have no control on payment errors.
          We suggest to use an alternate payment option by clicking on 
          "More payment options" right below the payment
          method button.


          • Why do I keep getting errors in the store?

            Unfortunately browser errors have become very common due to different versions
            and updates. Due to this fact, most of the time the steps below will suffice:
            1- Clear browser cache.                    
            2- Access in incognito (private) mode.                 
            3- Try to access from a different browser.                  
            4- Wait a few minutes and try again.
            In case this does not work, please reach us at
            including your name, your registered email and your shipping address.