A Day With Yae -Voice Experience

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■A Day With V4Mirai Gen Petalight Voice Experience Collections!

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Get to know your four newest best friends with these intimate voice experience collections that will give you some quality time with Kou Mariya, Yae Yugiri, Biscotti, and Mono Monet! As a bonus, scripts will be included with every purchase

《A Day With Yae》

Yae Yugiri, a lethal ninja who got her kunai sharp eyes on you! Learn secret ninjutsu in the voice experience collection and get nursed back to health when those ninjutsu leave you a bloody mess. Don’t worry, Yae may be intense, but with her magic touch you’ll be glad to have her on your side.

■A Day With Yae Voice Experience Collection Includes:

 ・Track 1. Meet Yae Yugiri - 5:06

 ・Track 2. Morning Ninja Training With Yae- 4:56

 ・Track 3. Yae Nurses You Back To Health- 4:41

 ・Track 4. A Massage From Yae - 4:44

All Voice Experiences will be delivered as High Quality 320kbps MP3 files.


All orders will come with a PDF script of the voice experience purchased.