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A Day With Yae -Voice Experience

A Day With Yae -Voice Experience

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■A Day With V4Mirai Voice Experience Collections

Spend a day with V4Mirai and welcome them into your hearts with these introductory, intimate Voice Experience Collection!

《A Day With Yae Yugiri》

Yae Yugiri, a lethal ninja with her kunai sharp eyes on you! Learn secret ninjutsu in her voice experience collection and get nursed back to health when those ninjutsu leave you a bloody mess. Don’t worry, Yae may be intense, but with her magic touch you’ll be glad to have her on your side.

■A Day With Yae Yugiri Voice Experience Collection Includes:

 ・Track 1. Meet Yae Yugiri - 5:06
 ・Track 2. Morning Ninja Training With Yae - 4:56
 ・Track 3. Yae Nurses You Back To Health - 4:41
 ・Track 4. A Massage From Yae - 4:44

・All Voice Experiences will be delivered as High Quality 320kbps MP3 files.

・Bonus : All orders come with a bonus lovingly crafted digital wallpaper.

■About Yae Yugiri

A ninja on a mission to revitalize the whole shinobi world, she's come to convince you to join her cause and pick up a few magical jutsu along the way! Beyond possessing lethal-grade kunai supremacy, Yae Yugiri employs voice manipulation and mystical ASMR techniques in her clandestine arsenal!

Check Yae Yugiri on :

■About Downloading

Downloading will be available immediately after payment is confirmed. You will receive a "Download Digital Contents" email after purchase.

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