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A Day With Dr.NOVA(e) - Voice Experience

A Day With Dr.NOVA(e) - Voice Experience

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■A Day With V4Mirai Voice Experience Collections

Spend a day with V4Mirai and welcome them into your hearts with these introductory, intimate Voice Experience Collection!

《A Day With Dr.NOVA(e)》

The mad Dr. NOVA(e) isekai’d from the real world into V4Mirai after an anime girl experiment went horribly horribly right? Now she’s conducting experiments at the V4Mirai Magical school and needs an assistant to help her out. Won’t you apply?
Experience A Day With Dr. NOVA(e) in this exclusive one on one Voice Experience Collection.

■A Day With Dr.NOVA(e) Voice Experience Collection Includes:

 ・Track 1. A New Assistant - 5:41
 ・Track 2. Welcome To The Lab - 4:58
 ・Track 3. Experiment Gone Wrong - 5:08
 ・Track 4. This Won’t Hurt - 5:34

・All Voice Experiences will be delivered as High Quality 320kbps MP3 files.
・Bonus : All orders come with a bonus lovingly crafted digital wallpaper.

■About Dr.NOVA(e)

The Number 1 scientist in the galaxy! (or so she says…) In truth, a mad scientist that got isekai’ed into the V4Mirai Magical School’s basement. Strange sounds and smells come from behind her lab’s door but most of her classmates know better than to go snooping in there. After all, what happens in the lab…stays in the lab...

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■About Downloading

Downloading will be available immediately after payment is confirmed. You will receive a "Download Digital Contents" email after purchase.

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