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A Day With Mariya - Voice Experience

A Day With Mariya - Voice Experience

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■A Day With V4Mirai Voice Experience Collections

Spend a day with V4Mirai and welcome them into your hearts with these introductory, intimate Voice Experience Collection!

《A Day With Kou Mariya》

Kou Mariya may be an undying vampire, but she recently woke up from a 6,000 year nap so give her a break if she doesn’t know what posting is. If she likes you, she’ll let you stay the night at her humble cathedral, but you may give up some blood in exchange...

■A Day With Kou Mariya Voice Experience Collection Includes:

 ・Track 1. Meet Kou Mariya - 5:17
 ・Track 2. Idols & Breakfast with Mariya - 4:43
 ・Track 3. Immortal Vampire Mariya Learns About Social Media - 4:54
 ・Track 4. Stuck At Mariya’s Cathedral - 4:24

・All Voice Experiences will be delivered as High Quality 320kbps MP3 files.

・Bonus : All orders come with a bonus lovingly crafted digital wallpaper.

■About Kou Mariya

A vampire who accidentally overslept for a few too many thousands of years, Kou Mariya navigates an unknown colorful world full of magic and mystery every single evening. Otaku to her core, Mariya dreams of creating an idol stage of her very own, one that beckons to fans from every world and realm with her songs!

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■About Downloading

Downloading will be available immediately after payment is confirmed. You will receive a "Download Digital Contents" email after purchase.

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